Studying Magnolias

Magnolias are one of my favourite plants, providing one of the first flashes of colour each Spring without fail. I adore their sculptural blooms and the creamy whites, soft pinks and rich purples of their petals. The branches, too, create beautiful arching shapes that are wonderful to draw.

I spent a lovely afternoon over Easter sketching at Kew Gardens with fellow artist Jess Biggs, and we spent a large portion of that time studying the magnolias in Kew's arboretum. The next step now is to prep some canvases and start painting from these images and my sketches... 

Apparently, magnolias are one of the oldest flowering plants on their planet. Or so says The Plant Man. They're also pretty easy to grow, even if you're not particularly green fingered, so I would encourage anyone with the space to plant at least one in the garden. They never fail to inspire! It's my dream one day to create a magnolia walk in my garden, how wonderful would that be?