How to prep an exterior wall

It took me 3 days to prep an external brick wall for the Rhododendron mural, which is still in progress. Here's how I did it:

Before you do anything...

Clean that wall! Soap and water will do, maybe a bit of sand paper. You want to get rid of any dirt, loose brick and dust. Then, leave the wall to dry overnight.

Before moving on to white paint, you may want to apply a clear sealant. This will stabilise the surface and allows paint to be directly applied to the red brick surface. I did this for the wall pictured here, for reasons that will become apparant later on in the project! 



The next day, I applied a brilliant white masonry primer using a roller with a sleeve specifically designed for rough surfaces and a selection of masonry brushes - they make the application so much easier.  


A strong, sturdy ladder is essential.

Which is just common sense, really. Oh, and plastic floor coverings to protect the pavement.


Welcome helpers

- no matter the size! Painting a very large wall plain white is far more fun and goes a lot quicker with help.

You may need two coats of white, as I did. This is doable in one (long, sunny) day. And THEN you can move on the exciting part - adding colour!