Botanical Bentley

I am half way through the Arts Council funded 'Botanical Bentley' commission - the design has been mapped out on the walls and now I am focusing on each flower in detail. This mural celebrates the history of Bentley Priory gardens - each flower I am painting was first planted on the site in the 19th century - and is being painted in the style of Victorian botanical illustrations. With a Bryony&Bloom twist, of course!


The project officially started in April and will culminate in a series of workshops where Museum visitors were invited to co-create a temporary exhibition inspired by the botanical history of the site.

Before that point, however, there were several weeks of research (see earlier blog posts) where I delved into original garden plans, researched 18th Century plant symbolism and the 'Great Age of English Garden Design' and uncovered floral motifs hidden around the building - part designed by Sir John Soane, no less.

The outcome will be two large permanent murals that link the building with its gardens and the botanical motifs found within the galleries. As part of the project I have also designed a trail to encourage visitors to embark on a new journey around the Museum, highlighting interesting details uncovered through the research.