This collection is based on the glorious magnolia, which offers one of the first flashes of colour each Spring. It is a celebration of the plant's opulent blooms and sculptural branches, which I studied at Kew Gardens taking to the oil paints. 

The resulting designs were then translated onto luxurious velvet, silk and linen textiles. 




An Arts Council England mural commission at Bentley Priory Museum, 2016. 


This collection was inspired by the most extraordinary display of yellow catkins discovered in Hemsted Forest, Kent, last year.

The bold yellows contrast beautifully against the background of deep purples and blues, with flashes of autumnal reds and oranges bringing an almost retro feel to the design.


The painting behind this collection celebrates the often overlooked cowparsley plant, which seemed to take-over every roadside verge for a few wonderful months in 2013.

I was fascinated by the tall flowers, with its tiny white petals, strong green stems and overwhelming scent, and wanted to convey the wonderful experience of moving through the towering plants.




This sunny collection was created after visiting the East African island of Zanzibar.

Whilst wandering around the island's capital Stone Town, I happened across a gorgeous building with faded blue shutters and white balconies, which was almost entirely concealed by intense pinks, oranges and yellows. The flowers - many of which I had never seen before - were intermingled with palms of a nearby tree in such wonderful riot of colour that I got stuck into my oils straight away, wanting to capture the beauty of natures vibrancy juxtaposed with the man-made.


The oil painting behind these designs was inspired by a small meadow growing almost entirely away from human sight on a Greek island mountainside.  A cluster of flowers – rich pinks, deep blues, bright yellows and soft, silvery white blooms (and one single, proud poppy) - were growing delicately but determinedly on the rocky cliff edge, with only rock, cloud and the occasional goat for company.

{blue lanterns} COLLECTION:

An oil painting study of the exquisite Physalis Alkekengi, the Chinese Lantern, developed for a collection of lighting designs.