bringing a touch of wilderness into the everyday

Bespoke Bryony&Bloom murals inject colour and vibrancy into the urban landscape. They re-wild the environment, highlighting the intricacy and beauty of the botanical world at the same time as enhancing the wellbeing of communities who live, work and play there. Each mural has its own story woven in, inspired by the people and landscape of the area.

Hand-painted murals also work well as graffiti deterrents. Get in contact to find out more.

‘Not a Wallflower’ is a mural in Maze Hill, Greenwich. Read more about the project or watch the ‘making of’ and community response films below:


‘Love Your Space’ is a mural commissioned for St Mungo’s homeless shelter in Hammersmith. More information about the project coming soon.

‘Follow the Lichen’ is a mural in Girdlestone Estate, Archway. Commissioned by Islington Council’s Zero Emission's Network, a Mayor of London initiative.

Many thanks for lifting lichens out of the backwaters and bringing them into the light.
— Sandy Coppins, British Lichen Society