taking the grey away

Murals can inject much needed colour and vibrancy into our urban landscapes. They “take the grey away”, as one passer-by remarked as they watched me paint in Islington, and can “bring street(s) to life”, as described by a resident living next to the Not a Wallflower mural in Greenwich.

Bryony&Bloom murals highlight the intricacy and beauty of the botanical world around us and, through symbolism and story, relate this to the communities who live, work and play there. Each mural has its own story woven in, always inspired by the people and landscape of the area.

We all know that images are powerful. Not only do the images that surround us influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, they are also a statement of what we value - as individuals and as a society. Giving time to create a site-specific Bryony&Bloom mural is therefore both a clear statement of worth and respect to those who live, work or play in that environment, as well as a value statement on the importance of the biodiversity celebrated within it.