We only protect what we value

Images are powerful. Not only do the images that surround us influence our thoughts, feelings and behaviours, they are also a statement of what we value - as individuals and as a society.

Bryony&Bloom creates works of art that encourage the viewer to reconnect with the wild, natural landscapes and biodiversity around us. By inviting the viewer to enter into richly intricate, botanical worlds, and by increasingly do so in the public realm, the intention is that such closer interactions will help to strengthen feelings of awe, wonder and the desire to protect.

Plants were here first

Each public mural includes a simple statement of fact: plants were here before us.

It’s a gentle reminder of our place in this world, encouraging a moment of quiet reflection in amongst the chaos of urban living. Plant life happily occupied oceans and land for thousands of millions of years before humans arrived, and the botanical diversity that has evolved underpins most of life on Earth. As the new kids on the block, what role do we want to play? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of our own lives but there is real value in pausing to consider concepts of scale, time and place.

Artists cannot help themselves; they are driven to create by their nature, but for that nature to truly thrive, we need to preserve the precious habitat in which that beauty can flourish.
— William Morris

‘bloom where you’re planted’

This motto provided the inspiration for the company name. Although for some it carries religious meaning, with regards to the Bryony&Bloom ethos it is taken literally. It’s about the resilience of plants; victorious weeds growing through concrete, tangled vines taking over abandoned buildings, hardy lichen surviving - thriving! - in toxic environments.

The motto has informed thinking about where Bryony&Bloom murals are located, too. Unexpected and unusual mural locations are particularly exciting, spaces that are crying out for an injection of colour. Giving the time to create a site-specific work of art in such spaces is a clear statement of worth and respect to those who live, work or play in that environment.