Bryony is an extremely talented, thoughtful and inspiring artist. I have commissioned many pieces and exhibitions for the public realm... and the experience of working with Bryony was one of the most positive of my career.
— Elise Foster Vander Elst, Executive Director, Asia Art Projects

Who I am


I’m a curious combo of fine artist, street artist and museum curator, with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting and an MA in Museology (which is the theory and management of museums).

Over the past 13 years, I have developed my artistic practice alongside a career curating, designing and project managing exhibitions around the UK. This dual background means that I bring strong time, contractor and budget management to each commission, combining this with a flair for visual storytelling, a passion for community engagement and expertise in working with various media across different surfaces and environments.

From the initial conversation onwards, Bryony was simply outstanding! She immediately understood the concept of the project and the wants and needs of the residents and the staff. She took time to listen to everyone’s ideas and attended the project on numerous occasions to meet with clients, discuss ideas, present concepts and sketches of ideas and to get a feel for the service.
— Claire Matthews, Assistant Project Manager, St Mungo's

What I do


Alongside continuing to develop my own body of work, largely painting in oil, I also enjoy working on commissions. I particularly relish the opportunity this provides to meet and collaborate with inspiring organisations, community groups and individuals.

I respond to each brief intuitively, taking care to ensure that I have clearly understood the expectations and fully explored any practical opportunities or restrictions of the space. Concepts are developed using primary and secondary sources, and I enjoy experimenting with story, symbolism and pattern to create works of art that are entirely unique each client and their context.

Oil paintings can take between 2 to 6 months to complete, depending on scale, because I tend to work by building translucent layers of oil paints onto the surface and the drying process can be slow. I work more intensively when undertaking murals. Occasionally, I use spray paint and stencils but for the most part, I enjoy working with brushes and acrylic as I find this beings a painterly and semi-transparent effect that works more harmoniously with the surface.


As I also work as exhibitions manager in Britain’s largest lab (find out about the free exhibitions here), I’m particularly careful about the number of commissions I agree to each year. Do get in touch if you have an early idea for a new body of work - whether oil painting, surface pattern design or mural - I’d be delighted to talk through your proposal in more detail.

Thanks to Bryony’s designs I think I have made the most beautiful stand of my career.
— Elke Fabian, Head of Events, Epson Europe