About Bryony:


My name is Bryony Benge-Abbott and I’m a London-based artist and curator, with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting and an MA in Museology (the theory and management of museums).

I founded Bryony&Bloom in 2013. Initially, the studio created homeware products for the UK interiors sector and exhibited surface pattern designs in Africa and Europe. In 2017 I took the decision to stop manufacturing products and instead to expand my practice into public realm commissions and collaborations, alongside continuing to develop my own body of oil paintings.

I have relished the opportunity this shift in focus has given me to work with inspiring organisations, community groups and individuals; creating artworks that are entirely unique for each client, that respond directly to their narrative and environment, is hugely rewarding. It’s also shaping my own practice, through which I experiment with immersive pattern and colour, play with scale and space, and explore the botanical world and our connection with it. At the moment, I am particularly interested in works of art that hold multiple narratives and blend the old with the new, the familiar with the unfamiliar.

For over 10 years I have also curated and designed social history and science exhibitions in London, developing a real passion for visual storytelling, community engagement and audience participation.

I have commissioned many pieces and exhibitions for the public realm... and the experience of working with Bryony was one of the most positive of my career.
— Elise Foster Vander Elst, Asia Art Projects

What about the bloom?


The Bloom in Bryony&Bloom is all about seeking new perspectives on the world around us. It originally came from the saying ‘bloom where you’re planted’, which I took literally: victorious weeds growing through concrete, tangled vines taking over abandoned buildings, hardy lichen surviving - thriving! - in challenging environments. By inviting the viewer to enter into a richly intricate or deeply immersive botanical world, the hope is that such closer interactions will strengthen feelings of awe, wonder and the desire to protect.

Plant resilience and the broader ecological and evolutionary dynamics of interconnectedness inform my approach, particularly when working within the public realm. Unexpected and unusual locations are creatively very exciting, and the opportunity to produce works of art that help foster mutual understanding within communities is extremely rewarding.

From the initial conversation onwards, Bryony was simply outstanding! She immediately understood the concept of the project and the wants and needs of the residents and the staff.
— Claire Matthews, Assistant Project Manager, St Mungo's