Blooming Bryony Designs is an art and design studio based in South East London,  creating site-specific installations and home decor collections that reconnect  environments with wild nature. Our primary focus is to produce spectacular works of art that not only enhance and transform our surroundings but also relate to the surrounding landscape. We love a touch of the theatrical, adore playing with intriguing colour palettes and absolutely revel in pattern!


Each project is entirely bespoke. Our designs start life as original oil paintings by Bryony Benge-Abbott, created in response to the client's brief; this is the secret behind the sumptuous, painterly aesthetic of our designs. Rich layers of oils and delicate brush stoke details are captured using the latest technology, before being transformed into unique botanical patterns that can be applied to a multitude of surfaces – from wall coverings to mosaics, textiles to street furniture, and lighting to table ware – the possibilities are endless!


It is always exciting collaborating with like-minded interior designers, architects and artists, and we also work directly with private and commercial clients, local authorities and charities. Get in contact if you have a project you think we might be interested in.


Our ethos is ‘bloom where you’re planted’, which is understood to mean that it’s possible – with a bit of resilience and determination – to create something beautiful in any environment. And as research is increasingly demonstrating that our surroundings influence our wellbeing, why not focus our energies on creating spaces that are nourishing and inspiring? From single rooms to community spaces to the whole blooming world – let’s dream big! It was the discovery of the saying ‘bloom where you’re planted’ whilst travelling across Kenya that triggered the idea behind Blooming Bryony Designs, and the intention that it represents is now inherently wrapped up in the company’s values and principles. Indeed, it even inspired the company name. 


Bryony Benge-Abbott is an award-winning artist and designer based in London. Inspired by the natural environment, Bryony adorns surfaces with sumptuous colours & delicate patterns – each painting describing & celebrating the extraordinary world around us. She founded Blooming Bryony Designs in 2013, after a curatorial and design career in the museum sector. Bryony’s inspiration comes from around the world and her primary focus is to create beautiful spaces that are functional and extraordinary. She graduated from Bath Spa University in 2006 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and has since developed a strong aesthetic that incorporates rich colours with delicate motifs.

Bryony has always been interested in the creative exploration of theories around memory and pattern, and her approach to painting is very much based in both the physical and metaphorical process of layering of ‘memory traces’. There is always an element of chance in this. Each painting starts as simply a sense of place or a vision that Bryony would like to capture and it is through the layering of paint and the contemplative pauses in between – the re-membering of that place or experience – that the painting ‘reveals’ itself. Her dual heritage – Trinidadian and British – has naturally shaped her work, alongside key artists and movements such as William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement, Gustav Klimt and the Art Nouveau aesthetic, and contemporary artists such as Beatriz Milhazes and Chris Ofili.

Since graduating, Bryony has worked with a number of public and private clients throughout Europe, and brings strong project management, curatorial and creative design skills to the studio.